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SPIRITUAL RESPONSE THERAPY first session (2 hours min)



The first session for SRT can be rather lengthy (around 2 hours or more) depending how well your higher self is working with the SRT system to correct your past and present life programmes. This is due to the fact the soul may find it difficult to face or want to change programmes so therefore there is quite a long list of protocol that we do at the start to ensure the soul is fully aligned and ready to accept the healing and changes which will take place.

The first session normally covers the core issues of programmes which your soul and higher self are ready to shed and clear. It may also touch on inner child processing (for childhood imprints from traumas) and left and right brain hemisphere balancing, balancing vitamins + minerals or applying colours to enhance energy levels and flow.

You will be able to relate to the discordant energies which are picked up when clearing soul programmes that might have carried on from past to present life with your immediate family members or close partners. This clearing also clears parts of the souls of your family members or close partners or friends when it is done if their soul allows it.

SRT is also especially effective for clearing repeated discordant patterns in relationships and any conflict energies. You can often see the changes in yourself and others once this is done.

Before the end of the session the higher self will also run through with adjusting outdated creator programming from various stages of your soul movement throughout the different dimensions, timelines and galaxies.

SRT can also be done remotely with permission from the soul of the person is they are willing. Otherwise it is more effective on a conscious level if you attend the session in person as you can process consciously the issues while the session is taking place. However if you choose a remote session for yourself or a loved one if you are unable to attend in person i will also send you a full report as well of everything that was cleared or adjusted.

Please email if you have any enquiries or queries.