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SPIRITUAL RESPONSE THERAPY – Remote healing (2 hours)


SRT can be done remotely on yourself or a loved one if i am able to gain their soul + higher selves approval.

A refund will be given if i am not able to obtain this permission. However it is best you contact me before payment to give me the name of the person or persons who wish to be cleared to check it is possible beforehand.

Spiritual healing works on the principal that the universe is all one and therefore we can heal without the person being in front of us if we can tap into their energy or soul consciousness. However all this is done only with obtaining permissions from their soul as not to infringe the free-will policy on earth.

A full report of all items cleared and past life research will be emailed once this is done.

You will also be able to discuss and confer with me via email once the session is completed or you can witness the clearing live via Facetime or Skype if you wish.