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Distant healing, connecting with 3 main Reiki Symbols. Earth Ki, Heavenly Ki and universal connection symbol for distant healing.

Home study with audio meditations and instructions 2-6 months (approx.)

Session day with 3 empowerments.

– Practice to identify and feel the differences in the type and quality of energy being channeled though ones body. Earth Ki and Heavenly Ki.

– Discussion about universal connectivity symbol and the concept of oneness

– Practicing additional Reiki methods and healing techniques

– Introduction to Kotodama ( Japanese chant with healing to intensify and direct energies)

– Distant Reiki practice between students and further developing of intuitive healing on oneself and others.

– Practicing channeling specific energies on fellow students on Reiki bed.

After this the student will be able to register for healers insurance (Balens recommended) and start treatments on other people as a Reiki practitioner if they wish.

Cost £200 – includes all books and audio, 10-5pm lesson day & Level 2 certificate.

*Audio exercises and books sent out upon payment of deposit.