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Purification grid with Rose Quartz


This necklace allows for clearing of emotional bodies and to come into resonance with the energy of love, peace and acceptance of ones current situation.

This further enables one to clear the heart chakra and start to open to love, self care and to create a more positive self image and self esteem.

Connects one to the love of the universe and universal heart energies which help you to feel supported by the universe and the world around. Enhancing your feelings towards seeing the world as a joyful, beautiful place full of wonderful experiences.

You may need to re-energise this necklace once in a while or more often especially for heavy users ( healers and psychics).

You can do this by placing it over a selenite crystal, or in a small cup with rice. You may also re-attune + energise it using breath or sound. Please refer to my “how to re-energise crystal grids” video on the video section.

Comes in standard length of 33cm neck to pendant drop or 66cm all around.

However, if you would like a specific necklace length please send us measurements. All pure 925 silver hardware.

Comes in either black, grey, charcoal, light grey, pink or white necklace thread colours. Please let us know which colour variety you wish to have.

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