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Manifesting Clarity, Calmness & Purification with Quan Yin & Archangel Chamuel


Pink Opal, Amertrine, Rose quartz, Kunzite, Citrine, Muscovite, Cream howlight, Clear quartz. Purification crystal grid.

This crystal Mala necklace surrounds ones aura with soft healing and loving energies. This allows one to drop down into the heart chakra to discover what one has been out of touch with within the emotional bodies. It brings out the parts of you which have been ignored, suppressed or avoided to feel safe in being vulnerable and to acknowledge one’s true emotions. Purification grid helps one to clear the emotional bodies of trauma, discordant emotions allowing one to remove slowly energies which are not necessary to ones well being or obstructing ones positive flow.

This Mala manifests peace, security, confidence, self acceptance and acceptance of ones current circumstances. It provides calm and clearing energies in order for one to transcend any current pain to reach the next level of your evolution and to see a clear path of how to attain ones hearts desires.  

Necklace measures: 90cm all round and 45cm neck to chest drop. 

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