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Dragon Strength Aura Spray for Clearing, Grounding & Energetic Protection


Dragon strength spray will help to clear your aura or space to ensure that any energies which are not 100% from the light do not come near you. Good for spraying in your space before giving readings or in between therapy clients. Good for setting up sacred space for your own self healing or meditation. Provides once with clarity, confidence and feeling of being connected to mother earth as well.

Spray in ceremonial spaces or personal healing, meditation spaces. Also spray around your bedroom if you tend to have sleep disturbances. 

Attuned to Archangel Michael (Galactic protector), Archangel Metatron ( Energy alchemist), Archangel Raphael ( Master healer, also for physical healing), Archangel Sandolphan ( clears energies with sonic frequencies) and the Celestial Dragons. 

Made by energising Icelandic glacier water with natural crystals and energy grids. And sound attuned using Angelic tuning forks to structure the frequency of the water to match the energetic vibration of the above. 



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