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Activation grid pendant (gold) in clear quartz


This gold activation grid is associated with Ganesh as well who activate you to help you to break through blocks towards clarity in how to attain more personal abundance, emotionally, financially and clear blocks to do with receiving. As gold reflects the energy of the sun this grid helps you to be in touch with your yang energy which is forward moving and capable of high achievements with strong, dependable energy.

Normally this symbol is given to me during “light activations” during a healing where light worker genetics are present in order to connect one to following ones’ joy & life path with the feeling of trust and support from the universe.

This activation grid also can be used to activate other crystals by placing it in the center of the other crystals. It can also activate your light bodies stage by stage as you go along through your spiritual journey. It will enhance whatever you are practicing, example yoga, meditation etc.

This is also talisman to keep your aura clear. You may wear this together with the clearing symbol to activate it even more strongly, if necessary.

You may need to re-energise this necklace once in a while or more often especially for heavy users (healers and psychics).

You can do this by placing it over a selenite crystal, or in a small cup with rice. You may also re-attune + energise it using breath or sound. Please refer to my “how to re-energise crystal grids” video on the video section.

Comes in standard length of 33cm neck to pendant drop or 66cm all around.

However, if you would like a specific necklace length please send us measurements. All pure 925 silver hardware.

Comes in either black, grey, charcoal, light grey, pink or white necklace thread colours. Please let us know which colour variety you wish to have.


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